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Yoga Dog Bernard

Our Philosophy: 

Yoga Dog Bernard focuses on providing creative, personalized healing for every student through mindful teachings of yoga. All sessions transform you through:

1.Physical Practices (Asana): Emphasis on the connection of the body, mind and your personal energy to conquer embodied challenges.

2. Mental Practices: Activites driven to increase mindfulness, improving your focus in daily life such as meditation.

3. Energetic Practices: Teachings which guide you deeper inward toward discovering and creating your higher self such as breath-work (pranayama), mudra, and chakra-work.

Our three-dimensional approach is a catalyst for life-long change.

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Canna-Yoga with Dank Dharma Sessions:

Yoga Dog Bernard is a proud advocate of integrating Cannabis into your healthy lifestyle! Utilizing the healing benefits of Cannabinoids (the chemical elements within Cannabis) in unison with yoga asana (physical movement) and meditative practices, you will have transformative experiences. Dank Dharma Sessions promote the mindful consumption of Cannabis combined with asana, breath-work (pranayama), and meditation through private lessons, workshops, retreats and more! Each session will guide participants through education surrounding a specific Cannabis product before indulging and participating in a specially designed Canna-Yoga flow.

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Yoga Dog Bernard

Based in Denver, Colorado

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