About Yoga Dog Bernard

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Yoga Dog Bernard's three-dimensional healing focuses on physical, mental, and energetic exploration to your achieve overall wellbeing. This means yoga is a time to let loose and have fun! Emily attempts to create spaces where you can truly be yourself as a yogi, human, or whatever other being you may be. Classes will have laughing, meditating, physical challenges and, of course, plenty of growth!

Currently, Yoga Dog Bernard is based out of Denver, Colorado and has been registered with Colorado State as an LLC since 2019. Both Cannabis yoga (aka Canna-Yoga) and Cannabis-free yoga session are offered at studios, workshops, retreats, and even in-home! 

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The Instructor

Emily has a passion for learning. She loves diving into as much as she has time for! For 13 years yoga has been an essential part of Emily’s learning process and life. Her personal passion for yoga shows in her dedication to making all classes accessible to every student allowing that everyone has a chance to fall in love just as much as she has!


Emily is a 200hr Vinyasa Certified, and Yoga Alliance registered yoga instructor who was trained right here in Denver at Kindness Yoga during 2016. Her style consists of fusing together yoga philosophies creating a transformative experience. You’ll leave her classes feeling refreshed, stretched, and ready to conquer the world! Remind yourself to keep kind and loving thoughts in your mind, words in your communications, and intentions in your heart.


Emily Bernard

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