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What is Dank Dharma?

     Let's talk Canna-Yoga! Even with the new knowledge surrounding Cannabis, the taboo of "getting high" and stereotype of a "stoner" truck on. Dank Dharma Sessions aims to break down these labels of the past! Through education of the masses on a public, group, and private level, Dank Dharma Sessions will enlighten the masses about healing through Cannabis yoga. Rather than just sitting around "getting high", these sessions are an innovative way to enhance your yoga experience in a healthy way.
     Personal experiences and some research reveal that Cannabis is an incredible aid in physical exercise, as well as mental and emotional processes (when properly administered). With the background strongly rooted in both yoga and the Cannabis industry, Yoga Dog Bernard uses this knowledge to expertly pair cannabis with yoga routines! Our YouTube and Blogger series' aims to bring the public the best Cannabis yoga knowledge available. These free online classes and blogs are collaborations with Cannabis experts on their favorite Cannabis yoga strains! Book classes below.
     Yoga Dog Bernard is always looking for sponsors to collaborate with on Dank Dharma Sessions. Become a featured brand on our YouTube channel, a guest blogger, or even sponsor your own Dank Dharma event! These events are amazing opportunities to teach the public all about your company's amazing products while showing them the joy of Cannabis yoga. Smaller events for your employees/co-workers are a great way to refresh and team build! To become a sponsor, please see the sponsor page here.
     Dank Dharma Sessions is just getting on its feet and is growing fast, we need all the support we can get. If you feel the desire to help our cause, feel free to reach out through e-mail, social media, or donate to us below!

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